Kim Chi Hop house Front Door

About Us

Kimchi Hop House is a fun combo of Traditional Korean Restaurant and Irish Pub. We are proud to say that we are the oldest Korean restaurant in Dublin. Our local family enjoys their fresh pint of Guinness or Soju cocktail here on a daily basis and our friends from afar love visiting us in our little piece of Korea in Dublin.

We would love for you to try our Authentic Bibimbap – your choice of marinated beef, fish, or tofu, an assortment of pickled veg, topped with an egg, served over purple rice in a piping-hot stone “dolsot” bowl. Another of our “must-trys” is Kimchi Zigae. It is a delicious stew with spicy pickled cabbage, vegetables, your choice of pork or tofu, and plenty of Korean red chilli flakes, served in a sizzling stone bowl. So come join us for some great food, drinks, and Irish fun!!